The Drive behind force

Stubby’s Recovery – A History

Where It All Began

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His Battle

Partner Nicole Stubblefield was the inspiration behind the Force Performance Recovery Station. Her father, Greg Stubblefield, passed away in 2020, after a long and valiant battle with head and neck cancer. Greg was truly larger than life; a college football icon at Cal Berkeley, a highly accomplished businessman, and a generous benefactor to countless organizations both locally and abroad.

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His Force

Greg’s career at Enterprise Holding, Inc, began as Management Trainee and he rose to become a Senior Executive at one of the largest and most successful transportation companies in the world. Everyone who knew Greg was inspired by his boundless energy and infinite optimism, even in the face of adversity. He touched so many lives, sharing his kindness and warmth with loved ones and strangers alike. He loved to travel, and he spent most of his spare time following his favorite racehorses and eyeing vintage cars.

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Our Inspiration

Greg never stopped pushing his daughter to follow her dreams, and it’s this determination and grit that inspired Nicole to forge Force Performance with Brit and Brock. Our gym wouldn’t exist without Greg’s driving force, and while he might not physically be with us anymore, his personality shines through every corner of our facility and community.

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His Memory

Today, the Stubby’s Recovery Center pays testament to Greg and everything he stood for. Whenever you take a moment to rest and recover, you’re doing so with Greg’s powerful energy surrounding you at all times.